As The Owner of Squeaky Tiki I Spent almost 10 Years as a Firefighter and Still to This Day Work as an EMT. 

I also know first hand how much that one little Thank you really Means, and Know what it is like wakeing up thinking that I wish My Mind Could Forget The Things My eyes Have Seen.

It Takes Something Special to Risk Your Life For a Stranger or for our Country!!!

 I Want To Reach Out To All Heros!!!!

All Millitary, Both Active and Retired

Firefighters (Volunteer and Paid, Active and Retired)

Paramedics, EMTs (Active and Retired)

Police (Active and Retired)

and Nurses (whom are often overlooked)

Recieve 25% off all My Services That Are Over $100.00 All Day Every Day

All I need is An ID, Badge, Licence or DD-214 and The Regestration to Your Vehicle to Match your ID I also Extend this Offer to the Immediate Family of These Heros as well, It Takes a Whole Support Team Back Home, I know First Hand the Burden These Jobs Put on Your Family and I Extend My Gratitude to Them as Well.